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Never Changing Tips And Tricks Will Eventually Destroy You

Few would argue that, despite the advancements of feminism over the past three decades, women still face a double standard when it comes to their behavior. While men’s borderline-inappropriate behavior is often laughed off as “boys will be boys,” women face higher conduct standards – especially in the workplace. That’s why it’s crucial that, as women, our behavior on the job is beyond reproach.

Tips and Tricks

Small Towns and Big States

For evidence of the double standard, we need look no farther than Arlington, Oregon, where Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist was recalled in a 142-139 vote after the town’s denizens discovered that the mayor’s MySpace page featured photos of her in lingerie. Although Kontur-Gronquist is alleging election fraud and challenging the returns, and even though the mayoral position was unpaid, no one is arguing that her MySpace page did her in.

Contrast her situation with that of David Paterson, New York’s new governor. After Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned amid allegations of engaging the services of a prostitute, Paterson was sworn in and admitted that he had engaged in extramarital affairs and that he had experimented with both cocaine and marijuana while he was in his twenties. It seems odd that the mayor of a small town in Oregon is being held to a higher standard than the governor of New York.

With Computers, Private Can Go Public

The moral (so to speak) of the story is that, as women, our behavior must be impeccable – both on and off the job. Yes, we can have private lives, but we unwittingly make those private lives public when we boot up a computer, use email, or go online.

To protect yourself in the workplace, the first rule of thumb is never to conduct personal business using your employer’s equipment. You have no right to privacy, and your employer can have total access to your record of computer usage, your Internet history, and your email. Resist the temptation to shop online, check the news, or surf the Internet while you’re at work. Don’t forward that joke or motivational email to your colleagues. And don’t email your friends or family members.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the niche of the Internet you’ve carved out for yourself using your home computer is also visible to your employer. Increasingly, potential employers use tools to screen job candidates’ presence on the Internet. That hysterical YouTube video of you dancing with a lampshade on your head at your best friend’s bridal shower may prevent you from landing the job of your dreams. Before making a bold rant on your blog or uploading a questionable picture to a social networking site, think about the impact it might have on your career.

There’s no arguing that computers enrich our lives and provide us with options our mothers never dreamed of. As women, though, computers can also be our downfall at work. It may be acceptable for men to check out the Sports Illustrated website while they’re at work (even the swimsuit edition!), but women are held to a higher standard… Just ask Carmen Kontur-Gronquist.

5 Ways Facebook Destroyed My Skin Care Without Me Noticing

Acne is an expression of toxins in the body that are not being released through normal channels of elimination, so they come out through the skin. Since mental attitude and thoughts cannot be separate from the body, thoughts and feelings are also being expressed as acne.

skin clinic Fremantle

Negative thoughts and feelings produce chemicals that are toxic acids. Just like toxic acids created in the colon, the toxic thoughts need to be eliminated through the 5 elimination channels

Acne can be an expression suppressed past traumatic experiences. As a child, when you were exposed to experiences that overwhelm you – constant mental, physical, or sexually abuse, you suppress them. So now as an adult, as your defense system weakens, you’re not able to completely suppress this information, so it becomes expressed as acne or other skin disorders. Of course, these suppressed experiences can be expressed as other diseases.

Acne can also be related to the emotion of fear or anxiety. It can also be an expression of holding onto old junkie or unpleasant memories. It’s a way of holding on to and burying the junkie or toxic memory into your face. It is these memories that are trying to surface and, in an usual way, asking you to face them. Many times, you and other people may not want to remember them or deal with them.

To deal with them requires a lot of strength and help from a psychotherapist.

Stomach Acid

Your stomach uses Hydrochloric acid (HCl) to break down protein. It also has many other functions,

* Kills pathogens and microbes and prevents them from getting into the colon and blood

* Controls the adsorption of B12

* Controls the adsorption of iron calcium zinc, copper, magnesium and most B-complex vitamins

* Controls the adsorption of vitamin C

* Created indigestion

* Prevents constipation

When you have low levels of HCl chances are that you will be susceptible to getting acne. HCl can be increased by using a digestive enzyme that contains HCl.

Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes

When the food you eat passes the stomach and enters the small intestine, the pancreas releases digestive enzymes and bicarbonate to help complete the digestive process.

The bicarbonate helps to reduce the acid strength in the food coming from the stomach. The digestive enzymes digest carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

When the pancreas loses its efficiency and starts to release less digestive enzymes, less food is properly digested. This results in more undigested food reaching the colon. When this happens, the undigested food, if it stays to long in the colon, becomes a source for rotting matter and toxic material. This toxic material can get into your blood and cause skin disruption such as acne.

A healthy pancreas, which provides the necessary digestive juices to digest the food you eat, is needed for healthy skin and for eliminating acne and other skin sores and eruptions.

When you have acne or other skin diseases, they are created when there is an in-balance in your body and that includes many different organs and body processes and systems – your thoughts, digestion, liver, kidney, lymphatic system, lungs, and pancreas.

6 Reasons Your Fashion Is Not What It Could Be

Generally Hip Hop clothing, retail or wholesale, is broken into two groups, classic and modern styles. The classic styles are those that were popularized in the 1970s to late 1980s. Modern styles come from the very late eighties, nineties and after 2000.

Real Lifestyle Blog

Classic Hip Hop clothing includes large glasses and sunglasses, multi-finger rings, multiple gold necklaces, and various brand tennis shoes with oversized laces. Hairstyles at this time took on a strong African American influence. These styles included tight jheri curls and dreadlocks as well as closer cut and shaped styles. Red-black-and-green was a common color pallet, sizing towards being baggy and overlarge, which continued into more modern Hip Hop styles. This time period was one of establishing the Hip Hop movement and modern Hip Hop clothing and culture owes its success to these roots.

The more modern style Hip Hop was much affected by musical artists and actors who made popular the wearing of brilliant colors, often neon, and wearing usual clothing items, baseball hats and even condoms, in unusual ways. Some went as far as to wear their clothing backwards. As the year 2000 dawned, and highly influenced by the remake of Scarface Hip Hop clothing styles took on an influence from street thugs and prison inmates. These styles included over sized clothing, large pocketed pants without a belt and military accents in shoes and jackets. Other marks of this change of trend were flannel over shirts, hoodies and gold teeth, or at least gold fixtures.

Currently many places exist where Hip Hop clothing can be acquired. Some of the simplest pieces may come from the corner thrift shop or flea market, but as the Hip Hop style has progressed in complexity these pieces have been picked up by many big markets, charging a big dollar and opening a huge marketplace for wholesale Hip Hop clothing options. In order to push back against this trend online websites such as have sprung up, offering discounted brands and a places to fill many needs at once.

Many advantages and disadvantages exist when it comes to working with an online sales site, like Very often there is access to a much broader base of merchandise. The ability for bulk ordering allows the prices of wholesale Hip Hop clothing to be kept very reasonable even after adding the extra charges for shipping and handling.

For those above-mentioned reasons websites like have become rather popular and continue to grow with each month. This is particularly of concern when the merchandise in question is something that requires sizing, such as the clothing lines that have been spoken about here. Fortunately many wholesale Hip Hop styles aren’t fitted, preferring an oversized fit, which addresses many of the sizing concerns, but make sure that any place you are purchasing such items has a returns policy if something arrives damaged or in the wrong size.

No matter whether you prefer the early Hip Hop clothing or more modern choices there are many options for getting the wholesale clothing pieces you want. One thing, however, is for sure. Hip Hop is here to stay.

How To Check Your Credit Report For Evidence Of Identity Theft

Everyone now lately cares with protecting their personal information form prying eyes on the online . With the continuing increase cases of stealing personal web identities, many of us are misdirected about what information must be hidden on line and therefore the best thanks to achieve a safer Internet environment. one among the foremost common ideas is that once you start using cgi proxy sites the safety level increases.

CGI Proxy sites work by very quickly and effectively relaying website request for users to internet sites and back. The CGI Proxy script relays your information without ever revealing exactly who you’re . So you’re anonymous to the online site you’re visiting. this is often wiped out a near seamless manor with the user only seeing alittle advertising bar on top of the page. This information goes in both directions with the online site server lecture the server hosting the CGI proxy site. the web site server doesn’t know your location (IP address), browser type, language settings, cannot set cookies on your computer and Javascripts could also be restricted.

What most users don’t realize is that the cgi proxy server keeps a log of all the activity including sites visited, user names, passwords, addresses, mastercard numbers or anything an individual enters in within the sites surfed through a cgi proxy. This treasure of knowledge is strictly what people want to cover on the web but by employing a CGI Proxy site you’ve got just delivered the knowledge to the CGI Proxy site owwner.

In 99% of cases the online site being visited should be more reliable and secure than an internet based cgi proxy service. for instance visiting Yahoo mail from a replacement fast running CGI Proxy site, Yahoo alittle er amount”> is a smaller amount likely to criminally use provided information collected from its websites combined with the knowledge of your location and browser type than a small website operator hosting a free CGI Proxy script. While logging into your yahoo account and not revealing your location (IP) to yahoo may sound positive, the worth you pay is sharing all of your information including passwords with the CGI proxy site owner.

Credit card information, addresses, contacts or the other information entered on an internet form while surfing pages through a CGI Proxy site also are available within the server logs. Don’t take the unneeded risk together with your personal information, don’t USE WEBBASED CGI PROXY SITES FOR ANONYMITY.

Your book should definitely be featured

One of the biggest misconceptions about getting a book published is that the publishing company will take care of the marketing. Generally speaking, that’s not true. There are basically three different ways to get your book published. You can self-publish your own book. You can use a small independent publisher or if you’re an established author, you can use one of the big publishing houses like Penguin or Random House. Regardless which of these options you use, you will still be left with the responsibility for the marketing. polecane-strony

There are a lot of different things you can do to promote your book and Tactical Execution has made a business out of helping you see real results out there. But this article will give you a few pointers to help you get started. For more detailed information, visit the website. There’s a ton of free information available there and I hope you take advantage of those resources.

One of the best ways to promote your book is to offer workshops and seminars around the country. It’s not that difficult to do that. You can quickly contact the major Adult Education providers and submit a proposal for a workshop dealing with the same topic as your book. Include the release of your new book in your proposal. The people reviewing workshop proposals love having things like that to include in their marketing.

These Adult Education programs are a hidden treasure to say the least. These companies send out small catalogs of courses to huge mailing lists, trying to attract students to their courses. Submitting just one proposal can get you on the schedule and they do all the marketing for you, leaving you with great exposure for very little cost.

Your book should definitely be featured on your website along with a way for people to buy a copy. Assuming that’s in place, article marketing presents another great opportunity to generate website traffic resulting in book sales. In fact, you’ve already done all the writing too. Just take your book and break it up into a hundred small segments; a hundred small articles. Then publish them individually on the web, each with a backlink to your website.

Article marketing is the primary website traffic strategy I use to promote the Tactical Execution website and you can see all my published articles right on the site. In addition, the site provides specific implementation guidance to get your article marketing campaign up and running. Any seasoned internet marketer can tell you that article marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to attract not just human visitors but search engines as well.

The last tip I’ll share in this article is a paid public relations service called PR Leads. This is a tremendous opportunity to get a ton of great exposure and credibility for yourself and your business. For just $100 per month, you can be on a database journalists use to get quotes for stories they’re working on. You simply identify the areas where you’re an expert and wait for the emails to come in. If you’re quick to respond, you can find your own quotes in major news media within a single week. Give it a try.

Marketing your own book is no easy task. But if you know something about marketing and have some good implementation guidance, you can stage a successful campaign from your own home. Visit the Tactical Execution website to get specific step-by-step instructions so you can do it too.

A good idea for those who find that they are swimming in a river

Not only is credit counseling now a requirement when filing bankruptcy thanks to the new laws set forth in October of 2005, but it is also a good idea for those who find that they are swimming in a river of debt without the proverbial paddle. When you are in financial danger such as this credit counseling could be a great option and an alternative to filing for bankruptcy. With the many different kinds of credit counseling companies that are available to you, it may be hard to differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly. notatnikpodroznika

There are things you should be especially aware of and look for in any credit counseling company, there are some that are reputable, experienced, and only want the best for you. However, on the other end of that coin there are those that only exist to make life worse for you.

Credit counseling can help you eliminate the amount of calls you receive from various collection agencies, additionally they are specifically in place for those who have trouble in keeping up with their monthly payments. What a credit counselor will help you do is counsel you in creating a budget that will help you in keeping up with all your bills, household necessities, and living expenses. forumbusiness

They will also work with you in arranging a type of payment plan that works well with your income and abilities to pay. It is important to note that in general credit counseling will only work with you on loans and credit cards that are unsecured. If you have trouble with your secured loans (such as your mortgage payments) credit counseling can provide you with advice on how you can deal with this situation.

Credit Counseling companies work closely with lenders that you have and negotiate acceptable payment arrangements for both the lender and the borrower. They will then help you create a budget that will allow you to afford the payments as well as other living expenses. It is important to strictly adhere to this budget in order to bring yourself out of your vast debt and avoid further collections, court proceedings, repossession, or bankruptcy. The budget may result in you giving up luxuries for the time being, however, eating a home instead of at a restaurant or giving up your shopping sprees, could prove to be far more beneficial in the long run than it would be finding yourself in such a financial situation that you cannot bring yourself out of.

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of software compared

Over the past several years, there have been a few companies that have released computer software that will help you to create a debt reduction plan, without the need for any kind of professional assistance. You enter all your credit and debt information and the software will create a customized repayment plan and budget for you.

Some of the more popular debt management software include Rapid Debt Reducer, Debt Eraser’s Rapid Debt Reduction Plan and Snapshot Gold. Each program works slightly differently, but they all create custom debt management programs.

For example, Rapid Debt Reducer works on the basis of a five year elimination plan. This program, which is also available under the name Smart Money Manager, will help to identify unnecessary expenses and the most effective order of repaying outstanding debts. adwords

Debt Eraser’s Rapid Debt Reduction creates a plan that is supposed to be able to clear your debts up to 13 times faster while saving a considerable amount of interest. All without increaseing the total payments every month.

With most of these programs, you will need to enter all your debt information such as total owing, interest rates, minimum payments, etc. You then need to prioritize the various debts and identify the maximum amount you can repay every month (in total).

Once this information has been entered, the software will identify the best debt to pay off first. Those payments are then rolled into the next most effective one, and so on until all the debts have been repaid.

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of software compared to going to a credit counselor is that there is no effect on your credit rating, provided you continue to make all your minimum payments. Of course, it will take self-control and discipline to ensure that you continue to follow the plan it lays out for you.

How To Teach Baby Care

I can remember when there was only one “chubby” kid per class. Now one in three, by my informal survey and the government’s official tally, would be eligible for this form of verbal abuse. Actually, one child in ten is considered morbidly obese and the other two in ten just obese or overweight.

Cool Mom Rules

It’s not just the couch potato, chip-munching, remote controlled kids with the problem. I see plenty of active, fat kids at the baseball games, soccer tournaments and swim races. Many have normal weight parents who are active themselves in sports.

So what are the causes? You’re probably going to blame the fast food industry, cars, and a lack of physical education classes for our children living on the edge of medical self-destruction. Initially I even fell prey to that logic as a family practice physician and former P.E. teacher/coach. But when I really thought about these excuses I realized the causes are still the same as they were forty years ago when I ballooned into tent dresses.

After all, didn’t we have cakes, pies, and Twinkies to eat in the fifties and sixties? Ice cream and potato chips aren’t new. Plus, people used real cream, butter, and sugar in all the treats. I’ve ridden in cars my whole life. I can remember my brother falling out of the car at 50 mph on our way to Grandma’s Sunday dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and cherry pie. Of course that was before seat belts came along.

Here is the real secret to all the “husky” kids circling around the last piece of pizza. They are emotionally empty, not their stomachs. Families are spread out or absent. Children are left to fend for themselves for meals and entertainment. They get bored, stressed out, and use food as a comfort just like adults. Often, parents are in denial that a problem even exists. My 50 lb. weight gain during the later stages of my mother’s illness and eventual death was no accident. It just wasn’t discussed.

Kids get shuttled from one home to another. Different rules, different environments. Especially with the divorce rate at 50% the so-called blended family requires much adapting by the child. Extended families don’t live nearby. Frequent job transfers, larger homes, and two car payments force both parents to work full time. The idea of sacrificing, saving, and delayed gratification went the way of the fifties and sixties.

With so much work and so many bills parents often arrive home emotionally drained. It is easier to let kids eat whatever they want, watch whatever they want, and listen to whatever they want. It takes more energy to be a parent enforcing rules and boundaries. The average father spends 20 minutes a day interacting with his child. Instead of picnics at the park, hiking, and shooting baskets, families opt for a video and pizza. Sometimes that is the only meal of the week together!

So what can we do? Treat the problem, not the symptom. Each child needs to feel valued. If you ask them whether they would rather have a new car or spend more time with you, the answer will be evident. Listen to your child more, talk less. Be quick to praise, slow to criticize. Regular family meetings promote feelings of belonging and connection. Everyone has a voice. Eat meals together on a regular basis. Preparing them as a team puts fewer demands on any one person and encourages communication.

Look inward, not outward to help solve a weight problem. Seek professional help early before medical problems and poor body image take hold. Your kids deserve it.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Agentie Recrutare

Therefore, you have determined that your organization requires an additional set of skills to help with a specific project, to facilitate growth, or to solve a problem; none of the members of your current team have the ability to hone skills or take on additional tasks. In short, you need to hire a new employee, but you don’t have the internal resources to facilitate this critical talent acquisition process.

At this point in the recruitment process, you will probably consider obtaining expert services from a recruitment agency. With so many options available to you, how can you ensure that you are making the right decision and choosing the most suitable recruiting company that will help you recruit the best talent?

Agentie Recrutare

We’ve put together everything you need to consider when making this decision so that you get it right the first time, saving you valuable time and money.

Recruitment agencies are basically marriage makers in the workplace. They connect organizations looking to hire with talented professionals who are considering changing careers and work closely with both parties to ensure wishes and requirements are met.

When the recruiting organization notifies your recruitment agency that it is looking to fill a vacancy, specialist advisers will work to source suitable candidates (but in many cases they will already have people in mind).

In-house talent acquisition teams are great because they work with the organization every day and can provide an unmatched understanding of who would be best suited to open up. But while in-house technical assistance may initially seem like an affordable alternative to partnering with a recruiting agency, it often ends up with more associated costs that were not originally accounted for.

Many organizations traditionally assign this responsibility to the human resources department. But if that employee (or department) already has a long to-do list, asking them to do a “talent search” can negatively affect their other responsibilities.

The next time-consuming step is to create an engaging, accurate, and comprehensive job posting; This is critical to ensuring that the quality of applicants matches your expectations. You should not use standardized job descriptions; Each job advertisement must contain a personalized advertisement.

The most immediate (and perhaps most attractive) benefit of using a recruitment agency is that it is a less time-consuming item on your to-do list. Since hiring a new team member is a serious commitment and an important decision, it is inevitable that you will be completely immersed if you do everything yourself, greatly reducing the amount of time you will spend on your actual work.

Having the help of the best recruitment agency to meet your requirements will not only save your workday, but also give you peace of mind that many suitable potential new hires will be showing up.

Recruitment agencies will be able to introduce you to the right people from their broad talent pool instantly, which means you can hire faster.

The best recruitment agencies and their specialist advisers will have in-depth knowledge of your market, so know the type of people to look for before reaching them.

They can also look for negativity and it is difficult to find candidates that you cannot connect with in another way.

External recruitment agencies can help you tailor your job openings and offer external value to help attract talent.

Since they understand your requirements, these advanced candidates will be of high quality, which means you won’t have to conduct unnecessary interviews. You may need a flexible, short-term solution to help solve a specific problem or resolve a problem. In this case, a contractor or temporary worker will likely be the best option – recruiting agencies will have lists of contractors that they know will be able to get started right away and equip you with the specific skills you need.

If you are unsure of the exact employee profile you want, recruiters can provide expert advice on what makes candidates “suitable” for a particular position. Choosing the right recruitment agency can enhance your employer’s brand: They represent your company to job applicants, giving them an idea of ​​what the job is like for you.

Offshore recruitment agencies are constantly leading the market and can give you access to talent that is not yet available. Besides, also

How To Make More Services Websites By Doing Less

In this article today, we’ll see how to create a home based and online business. There are many different businesses that you can focus on and we will look at what you should be looking for in a specific job that you want to do.

There are many opportunities for you to create a home-based and online business. One of the best sources for finding information on this topic is Random Generators. You will want to spend a lot of time visiting this site because you can find many different affiliate programs that you can market in many different categories. Some of the categories that they have that you can market to include finance and investment, food and beverage, automobiles, and health and fitness.

Generate Random Words

Take the time to read because each of the affiliate programs will list their website along with a brief description of what it does and you will need to visit the site as well. If you are going to spend a lot of your time promoting a specific website and software, you need to make sure that it is worth it. Also, with each of these specific programs, you need to know how much money you will make from selling each of them. You are likely to find many programs that you find interesting, so find out which one interests you and pays well, and take advantage of this opportunity.

For a fair warning about what seem to be opportunities on the web for other things, there are many different websites that promise that you can make money by taking surveys or posting in free forums for several hours a day. This sounded good and several people signed up and found that, in the end, they wasted a great deal of time and money trying these so-called “opportunities”. Remember to listen to your instincts when you think about it. There are many scams at home, so be sure to spend some time reading what the various websites have to offer.

EBay could be another great internet focused home business. This is emphasized in some articles on this site, but it is a great tool to start your career. You can learn how to write sales copy for your auctions, as well as how to properly promote yourself. If you take the lessons you will learn on eBay and apply them to other areas of internet marketing, you will find yourself ready to tackle almost anything.

We hope this article on how to create a home-focused internet and online business was helpful to you. As we design and write this article, we want you to know what to look for in a particular business, as well as what to do for it. It is important to know what to look for and what to avoid.

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